Truly Natural

DyePlay is a sustainable, luxury and contemporary clothing brand that uses only natural dyes and prints to create designs. It has been founded with a singular goal in mind: to provide people with naturally made, skin friendly and non irritating clothing.

DyePlay’s clothing is made from natural and ethically sourced fibers and then dye with plant based ingredients. Our apparel is vegan, organic based and crafted with non-synthetic components. To ensure that our customers have a chemical free and skin-friendly experience, we use unprocessed plant constituents such as Hibiscus, Marigold, Myrobalan, Rose, Pomegranate and many more in our clothing and accessories.

Our fabrics include Cotton, Vegan Silk, Bemberg crepe, Jute, Hemp, and Bemberg Satin, all of which have been processed without pesticides, chlorine bleaches and other toxic chemicals.

For our designing process, we use a 5000 year old Indian art known as Ayurvastra, a branch of Ayurveda. Ayurvastra is Sanskrit for health (ayur) and clothes (vastra).The process of Ayurvastra has traditionally been used for making sustainable wellness clothes. Our fabric partners are certified and all clothing accessories are made in India.

To make sure that we use and provide the best quality of fabric and dyes for our clothing, we are a slow-fashion brand and focus on minimising our carbon footprint on the planet.