Sustainable Natural Dyes

Gone are the days when the natural dyes had limited coloration or the palette variation was too narrow. With research in this field, a number of hues and their shades are being used to dye the textiles now. Our lab technicians have mixed and matched (only natural colors and ingredients) to discover colors that are vibrant and dynamic.

Colors are extracted in the form of extracts or powders. All parts of the botanical resources are used to extract colors. Flowers like Marigold, Hibiscus, barks of Sappanwood, roots of Rhubarb, leaves of Indigo, fruits of Catechu and Pomegranate peel and so many more natural materials are processed to extract the natural dyes. These natural colors are soft on your skin and good for your health

Colour Palette


    Colours of Marigold (flowers)

  • Colorado

    Shades of Lac (excreted by the lac insect)

  • NILE

    Shades of Madder (roots)


    Shades of Gallnuts (Oak tree)

  • PO

    Colours of Pomegranate (fruit skin)


    Shades of Indigo (leaves)


    Shades of Rhubarb (roots)

  • SHIL

    Shades of Brazilwood (bark)


    The vibrant greens of Mulberry leaves


    Colours of Myrobalan (nuts)

  • SOLO

    Colours of Catechu (wood)


    Colours of Annato (seeds)

The above shades are standard shades produced by each colour powder or extract. Many shade variations and hues can be created by changing small elements. Each shade will also differ in appearance based on its parent fabric. So do not limit your creativity. You vision it ; we will create it for you. The above shades should be considered as a reference.

If you would like us to share our detailed shade card with you, please click below and write to us. We will be happy to email it to you.